Will Someone Steal Your Song?

Recently, I was teaching composition to a student. 

He was making great progress and had finished his first song, and was ready to record it. 

He was thinking of uploading it to YouTube and was concerned over theft…

not someone downloading it illegally, but someone copying the song and then uploading it to YouTube / Spotify, claiming the song as their own. 

Or having someone record the song and claim it as their own.

Maybe this is something that you’ve been concerned about with your music? 

I’ll tell you the same thing I told my student – don’t worry about it.

The chances of this happening are incredibly low, and with modern technology it is very easy to prove that you were the composer – this could be as simple as showing that you uploaded the song first to YouTube! 

All online services for music have reporting functions that allow you to report stolen / copyrighted content, for example, you can read how Spotify approach infringed content here.

Now, does this happen?

Yes, it does happen from time to time. 

However, this seems to be more prevalent in the electronic genres – don’t think I’ve seen this happen within the rock community (aside from the occasional high profile case).

Either way, this isn’t something you should worry about, and in the exceptional case that it does happen to you, it is easy to rectify. 

Don’t let a “what if” scenario like this get in the way of writing, recording and releasing your own music.

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