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A Place For Guitar Players to Develop Their Skills and Knowledge
Study-Guitar.com was built for guitar players that are interested in studying guitar. This website is a place where you can learn about different aspects of playing guitar, from technique to music theory, from improvisation to songwriting, from scales to practice technique.

One of the big problems facing modern guitar players is that there is a huge amount of very low quality information online about guitar playing guitar. There are people talking about music theory who don’t understand it. There are people regurgitating technique ideas they have read somewhere. There are people who can barely play advising others on how to play.

The idea behind study-guitar is to create a website of information that has been tested and works. There are a wealth of free online guitar lessons that you can read through.
There will also be premium courses with a support forum, offering both guidance from the course instructors and a community of like minded guitar players.



Guitar Training

It doesn’t take a lick, or tips and tricks to create a better guitar player, it takes training. Our courses are designed to train you on fundamental skills, so you can break through your barriers


Learn Theory

For many guitar players, music theory is a weakness. That ends now. Our music theory lessons will open up the guitar and music in a way you didn’t realise was possible.


Online Community

All members have access to the student forums, a place to get feedback, discuss music, and make some new friends.

Improve Your Guitar Playing Today

Study Guitar now offers courses and eBooks for students who want to make progress with their guitar playing.

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eBook: 48 Guitar Practice Secrets

Your ability with the guitar is a reflection of how effective your guitar practice is. 

That's why I wrote this eBook, that you can download for free. 

In 48 Guitar Practice Secrets, you will learn:

  • What it means to actually practice guitar
  • How to use integration to practice more effectively
  • How to approach learning songs and exercises more effectively
  • Isolation... and why it can speed up how fast you learn by 10x
  • How to find more time to practice

By implementing these ideas into your practice, you will learn guitar faster, get the results you want from your guitar playing, and have a lot more fun in the process!