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Your Guide to Effective Guitar Practice

If you are a beginner - intermediate level guitar player, then this eBook will help you get the most out of your practice time

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We all know that, if we want to improve at playing guitar, we have to practice.

But how should we be practising? Did you know that there are methods and approaches we can take to practising to make our practice time as efficient as possible? 

In "48 Guitar Practice Secrets", I give you all the practice advice that I wish someone had told me when I started playing guitar. You get all the advice that took years to figure out. 

Your free eBook is over 30 pages long. Each Secret contains actionable advice, so that you can start incorporating these ideas into your practice routines.

Here are some of the practising secrets that you are about to learn:

  • Secret 1, Page 5: Why you might actually not be practising guitar... and what it really means to practice
  • Secret 12, Page 12: This common mistake with finger placement holds back a lot of late beginner - intermediate players from reaching serious speed improvements in their playing
  • Secret 22, Page 18: Here we talk about integration, what it is, how to do it, and why, if you don't properly integrate your skillsets, your practice time is wasted.
  • Secret 24, Page 18: This simple shift in how you practice can help you play much more accurately and pin point any weaknesses in your playing.
  • Secrets 33-35 cover how to breakdown challenging songs and exercises, allowing you to tackle more advanced material on guitar.
  • Secret 40, Page 29: How our expectations can either cripple our progress, or help us enjoy the process.

Bonus 1: The single biggest change you can make to your practice routine

In this bonus section at the end of the eBook, we cover the single biggest change you can make to your practice to massively improve it. Every student I have taught who implemented this agreed that it took their practice to the next level and they could feel themselves making more progress every week!

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